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Divarion is an analytics and networking platform tailored for streamers on Twitch. It gives powerful insights into their stream performance and makes it easy to find other content creators of similar interests to make real connections with.

Once registered with Divarion, a bot is added to your channel that breaks down raw data about both your performance and your viewer interactions. Our bot sends that information back to our site and serves up that information to you in a way that allows you to know exactly where you shine and what you need to improve via personalized recommendations and more!

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Who's live &
Recommended Channels

Search and filter by over 30,000 Divarion channels based on whether they're affiliated or not, the games they're playing, and more!

You'll also receive recommendations of channels based on your time zone, streaming habits, community affiliations and many more attributes to help you network efficiently and build lasting relationships.

Your very own
Streamer Profile

Visualize your data in a friendly format from your very own profile page. You'll be able to see everything from your comprehensive stats, top supporters, viewer feedback, and more!

Most of the information is served up in a way that helps you understand your stats so you can be effective at growing your presence.

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As you continue to stream, we'll crunch your data and figure out where you could improve as well as let you know what you're doing correctly!

It can take years for those new to online content creation to learn the ins and outs. We expedite that process through these recommendations, some of which surprise even the most seasoned streamers!

Stream Statistics

Visualize your stream data in a completely new way. See details that affect your stream performance as well as get insights into who your biggest fans are, your growth over time, and more!

Vote for your
favorite channels

No explanation needed! Show some love to your fellow streamers and let them know you think they are the bee's knees. You only get three votes per day though, so make 'em count!


Place a link in your Twitch panels to allow your viewers to give you comprehensive feedback. It's anonymous and provides a great way for everyone to give back to the creators they enjoy while pin-pointing what you're doing correctly or how you can improve.

We work with Twitch communities

Are you a community leader looking to help your members benefit from all the resources Divarion has to offer? Get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do for you! Numerous communities are already on board. Don't be left out!

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