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The Divarion Logo

The Divarion logo has been made to be versatile on both light and dark backgrounds for maximum compatibility. When applying one of these logos, use the one that best contrasts with the content you are serving.


Using The Divarion Logo

Contrast and Spacing

It's important to ensure there is proper contrast with the background so the logo is clearly visible and recognizable for its application. We also recommend offering sufficient breathing room with the background (if a background is being used) to give the logo a comfortable feel.


Divarion Brand Colors

The Look and Feel

Divarion uses a combination of a dark blue and sharp green color scheme to give a positive and welcoming, yet impactful impression of its purpose.

Primary (HEX code #183152)
Secondary (HEX code #70851a)
HEX code #121212 text on #fafafa background
HEX code #fafafa text on #121212 background

Divarion Twitch Assets

These panels and overlays have been optimized for use on Twitch as channel page panels and with your streams for overlays. Use whichever ones you feel most appropriate. Don't forget to link them back to!

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