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Divarion (from Diversity and from divaricate or "to branch out") is a network of Twitch streamers, all of whom have the desire to engage and help others and use that power of networking with others to grow into the best they can be.

Divarion currently has two primary focuses for helping anyone who wants to stream on Twitch and be a part of our growing network:

  1. Provide automated recommendations for new and existing streamers to help them get the best out of their time live on Twitch by analysing their stream to determine what's being done right, what's being done wrong, and everything in between.
  2. Highlighting those who work hard to support other members of the network and help give others the knowledge to become successful content creators on Twitch.

Divarion was coded solely by Oreocide. A partnered Twitch streamer with a background in web development. Oreocide created Divarion as a means of providing automated support and help to thousands of streamers who have helped him grow his channel into what it is today as a way to give back.

Divarion was created to solve many problems that came along with starting to stream on Twitch. Many questions are left unanswered and lots of people are dumped into the chaos without any idea how to actually market themselves or know what does and doesn't work in developing a successful Twitch channel. Divarion aims to be the answer to all those issues by providing a fully automated way to guide people on their path to becoming internet content creators.


Your Support Score is determined based on a complex algorithm of data collected about your activity in other Divarion members' channels while they are streaming. The scoring system was set up to be fair and balanced for streamers of all sizes to give everyone an equal opportunity to rise to the top of the support roster. The algorithm behind it all is a constantly-evolving beast that, over time, will be adjusted and tweaked to curtail abuse and other, miscellaneous factors.

Support scores are weighed entirely on the type of support you provide. For example: Raiding a streamer at the end of your stream is going to be more valuable than lurking someone's stream. However, someone raiding with 100 viewers will be seen the same as someone who raids another streamer with 2 viewers.

Yes! Obviously with a system like this, there will be those who come out on top, as with any list or roster. The difference with our system is that your exposure will be based off of the amount of support you give, instead of the number of viewers in your stream. Those who are the most supportive will be given more exposure and promoted more throughout the website. There are ideas in place for more perks in the future...

While the Divarion bot is out and about collecting and extrapolating data on yours and everyone else's streams, not all forms of support are able to be measured by those factors alone. Some forms of support are immeasurable. This is where voting comes in.

When you log in to Divarion using your Twitch account. A "VOTE" button will appear on everyone's profile. Each user is allowed to vote for three different streamers per day. When a streamer is voted on, the support system sees that as another member taking time out of their day to manually show their approval towards another streamer for some unmeasurable action they've taken to personally support them. This has a lot of value to the algorithm as a whole so it's best to utilize this feature as best you can.

Your channel engagement percentage is based on the total accumulated conversion your Twitch channel sees over time. Things such as total following growth, average viewers, and active chatters are all taken into account to give you an idea of how engaging of a streamer you are. The higher the percentage, the better.

The Divarion bot is still somewhat in development and requires, probably, a lot more optimization to maintain a consistent, constant connection to all Divarion member's channels. Unfortunately there are moments where the bot will disconnect from Twitch for various reasons and need to reconnect to each channel individually. Due to the limitations of the Twitch API, this can take up to an hour to do so. However, channels that are currently live and recently active are prioritized so the bot can reconnect to those quicker.

When the bot isn't connected to a channel, that channel's chat activity can't be monitored, and therefore some data will be missed. This is a top priority to resolve and will hopefully be completed sooner rather than later.

You have feedback? Great! We're always looking at ways to add new features and improve this site to be the most helpful resource out there! Please don't hesitate to contact us with any ideas or suggestions you'd like to see! While we can't promise everything will make it to the final cut, we still want to hear whatever you've got as some day, it may become a viable feature or change to implement. Divarion is always going to be under active development with new features to keep running smoothly and better than before!

The Divarion Bot

You may have noticed a bot by the name of "Divarion" that joined your chat since joining. Its purpose is to analyze your stream and extrapolate data in order to give you the information you'll find when you log into your Divarion profile page. Information such as your top supporters, your channel engagement, and the supportive actions you've performed for other members throughout the network.

At this time, all the chatbot does is listen and will not track any private information nor interact with your stream or chat in any way.

Yes! While they're just plans now, our goal is to make some form full integration between your Twitch stream and Divarion to enable you to perform actions right from Twitch based off of data extrapolated from Divarion. What do we mean by all that? You'll just have to wait and see...

Yes. You are able to log into your account and go into your "Edit Profile" page and check the opt-out box to have the bot removed from your channel. However, your actions will still be tracked across other members' streams who have not opted out and the only disadvantage will be to those who come to your streams as their actions will no longer be tracked. So we highly recommend you don't opt-out, but we will respect your privacy and certainly give you the option and you can opt back in at any time.

Your stream summary information will still be tracked as well as your activity across other members' channels. Opting out of the chatbot only disables actions that occur in your chat from being logged. If you would like to request a complete removal of your data, please contact us.


At this time, we are still setting up onboarding processes and procedures for bringing on new communities to our network. Please bear with us!

We look for growing communities that show an authentic enthusiasm for Divarion. We want to support communities that support us. Acceptance into the program is extremely qualitative and will vary from one candidate to the next.

Ideal candidates will have the following:

  • Your community must have a partnered Twitch team associated with it.
  • Your community will have at least 500 members that are within your partnered Twitch team. We look for relatively sizeable, established communities that have a genuine desire to support each other and work together.

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