Streaming Commandments

#1: Be entertaining

Watch your own streams one night and pay attention to how long it takes you to lose focus on them. If it's almost no time at all, ask yourself the following:

  • "Do I use a facecam?" Having a webcam pointed at you allows your potential viewers to put a face to the streamer that they are watching which makes you more personable to them. It's not required but it's highly recommended that you use a webcam when streaming so people can see and appreciate your reactions to things
  • "Do I speak without a monotone? Am I animated/energetic/excited/interactive?" Nobody wants to watch someone half asleep play a video game. You have to have a spark that makes people want to watch you. Interact with the chat, wave your arms around, exaggerate your emotions for entertainment value. All of these will greatly help people find you entertaining. But you also need to figure out what kind of streamer you want to be, if you want to be more chill. Be able to still entertain while having a "cool" composure about yourself.

Whichever path you decide to take, try to develop some form of unique persona or motif about yourself that people can easily recognize and grow to like so they come back.

#2: Network

Nobody ever got anywhere in life by keeping to themselves. People everywhere in life always get ahead by knowing the right people, but you can also get ahead by making your name/brand recognizable amongst the community. How do you do this?

  • DON'T only post in the discord that you're live, or that you want people to come follow/lurk you. That is NOT how you put your name out there. Nobody currently knows who you are or gives a damn about you so you have to let people get to know you first. This can be done via the discord by getting involved in conversations but most importantly by **hopping in other streamer's channels and interacting with them and supporting them** by dropping them a host, a raid, cheerbits, whatever. Anything is better than nothing.
  • By supporting other streamers within the community, you will become recognized and they will come back when they see you live and support you as well, that is how support4support works. If you give something, you will get something back. However, don't expect it because people don't want to feel obligated to come to your streams, you have to make them WANT to go there, to do that, see #1

#3: DO NOT play Fortnite

...Or any over-saturated game for that matter. If it appears on the front page of Twitch, it's probably a bad idea to stream that game if you're just starting out.

  • If you go to the Fortnite game page for example ask yourself how many viewers you average. Then scroll down on that page until you get to the streams with that many viewers live right now.
  • Once you're done with that and have reloaded your browser from its crash. Bring yourself over to a site called Twitch Strike and create an account there. Once you've done that, add all the games you currently own to your "list" and the website will tell you which games are the best games for you to stream that have the least amount of saturation, giving you an edge to capture lots of wandering viewers looking to watch streams of those games

The fact of the matter is, oversaturated games are almost IMPOSSIBLE to get discovered in by anyone. There can be up to (and I'm not exaggerating here) 13,000 streams of Fortnite going at any given time. People are tired of seeing Fortnite streamers and you have to get more original with your content in order for people to find you AND find you entertaining


  1. Develop a consistent streaming schedule so people will always know when you'll be live
  2. Take advantage of social media (especially Twitter) to put your name out there. For example, when you go live, Mention the game you're playing and @ the game company who made it along with a few Twitch Retweet pages who will help advertise you for nothing
  3. If you have to reschedule a stream or take a long break, make sure you let your followers know. People will forget about you if you just vanish into nothingness and when you come back, you'll have to work harder to get your viewers back
  4. Make sure you take very good care of those who subscribe to you or drop cheerbits or donations because these are the people who deemed you worthy of receiving their hard-earned money. People are literally paying a monthly fee for your content and you have to keep up whatever you're doing to keep them from losing interest and possibly canceling. And don't spam people about "remembering to sub" or constantly begging people to give you money because then they won't
  5. Ask, and ye shall NOT receive: Do not ask to be raided or hosted. It looks very desperate on your part and most people will be put off by it. On the flip side, obviously you're free to raid/host whomever you wish, but I would recommend only raiding/hosting those who have demonstrated they are supportive of you and your channel.
    • Also, bear in mind whomever you raid will almost always lose most of your viewers in the first 7 seconds of being raided if they're not properly selling themselves so it may be good practice to inform them beforehand so they can get ready for the incoming traffic
  6. PS4/Console streamers: You are all going to have the most difficult path to growing on Twitch due to the limitations of what streaming capabilities you have. You miss out on Streamlabs alerts and a professional-looking overlay that attracts people in to engage with your channel. I **highly suggest** you all look into at least a streaming-specific setup that allows you to stream via OBS/SLOBS using a capture card so you're still able to set up alerts and overlays and panels to look more professional and not miss out on engaging with viewers who follow you or donate to you.
  7. If you really are serious about getting into streaming. Unfortunately, that can (most of the time) require somewhat of an initial financial investment in a decent webcam and microphone at the very least. These components are very important when it comes to engaging with your audience and you WILL see a return eventually as long as you follow the other guidelines above as well. If you are unwilling to make investments into your own setup, don't expect others to do so for you either.